Remote UX Crowd-Testing of Products and Embedded Interfaces

Knowing what makes users tick, along with accurately assessing their needs, is the very essence of UX design. With this in mind we have developed the remote usability testing tool Pollux, our proprietary tool for flexible and automated crowd testing, reliant on scientifically-established methodology. Via an intuitive user interface, completely user-specific usability tests can be created, and in addition to this, unique test environments for asynchronous test runs can also be created. As an online tool Pollux offers a maximum of flexibility for the test persons - spatially and temporally - and its simple and efficient tests deliver reliable results within the shortest possible timeframe.

- Pollux

The Testing Application Pollux from Imago Design is operated by a woman on a smartphone.
Pollux Disciplines: UXD - IFD

The Task

How can the user experience of interactive products be tested and evaluated quickly, reliably and in a cost-effective manner? Many of the usual methods for UX evaluation take place in the field, a process which is usually both time and labor-intensive. As such, our approach to this problem tackles it by providing a streamlined web-based evaluation.

The Solution

In Pollux, we have created a comprehensive online platform with which UX tests can be carried out with real, online users, enabling results to be obtained dramatically faster. Our test and evaluation methods are based on techniques such as, amongst others, AttrakDiff and Intuiti. As an additional feature, in order to guide the test subjects comfortably through the test, Pollux has integrated a chatbot, which is always available to help and able to address test subjects on an emotional level.

What Makes our Crowdtesting Tool so Unique?

Use of methods based on validated theory.

We only use test and evaluation methods that have been rigorously scientifically evaluated. In order to be able to formulate the tasks as precisely and purposefully as possible, we have equipped Pollux with a wide range of different types of questions and inputs, including the option of embedding interactive prototypes into its tests.


Personal Guidance through the Survey

As a personal companion, the chatbot is intended to guide test subjects comfortably through the survey. Additionally, the chatbot offers you the ability to define your own conversation style and dialogues, in order to be able to give your test persons tailor-made answers, as well as tips pertinent to the respective situation, task or question. In this way, you have the ability to create an individualised test environment and as such, the basis for a smooth testing process.


Results in Realtime

For ease of use, we have deliberately kept the visualisation of the UX data minimalistic and the results of the user tests are made available in real-time. All relevant information is then summarised in a simple and clearly structured overview, meaning that the most important facts are always clear and accessible. Seamless collaboration is supported by the production of results which can be shared with colleagues quickly and easily via Excel.

An orange bar chart shows the evaluation of the Pollux test questionnaires in real time.

The Perfect Combination of Intuition and Methodology

The Pollux Testing-App has been optimised for use on personal computers and smartphones, with smartphones and tablets being particularly suitable for testing prototypes with touch-based interfaces, facilitating a test situation of maximum realism. With its minimalist but intuitive design, Pollux combines scientific methodology with an aesthetically appealing appearance. Different methods such as AttrakDiff, Intuiti or SUS are available for tasks and evaluations, with the spectrum ranging from the classic questionnaire to text input and A/B tests.

Create Fast and Easy Remote Usabililty Tests


Example from Pollux, with which four different icons for the term "disinfect" are checked for comprehensibility. The user can choose the icon that best suits him / her.

Get instant results


Example of the evaluation of icons with regard to their comprehensibility. Over 50% of the users found Icon A the most suitable for "disinfect".

Interactive Demo – Give it a Try!

1. create survey:

Use the Pollux Editor to create your own survey. Through a simply system of drag and drop.

2. create tasks:

Fill your poll with life and create your individual tasks with ease.

Diclaimer: All data that is "collected" here is only saved in your browser. It is deletable by pressing the redo button below the 3rd widget.

3. view test results:

Pollux visualises the survey results in real time. The data can then be viewed at any time and exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Success Stories ...

... written by our work.

During our long relationship with our established customer BORA, we have already successfully executed numerous online surveys with Pollux. Varying design concepts for the products Classic 2.0 and Pure were evaluated with the help of quick tests, producing results which were the instrumental for ensuring effective and essential design decisions and further optimising the UX.

What Did the Participants Say About the Crowdtesting Tool?

"Nice survey, good feasibility"
"Thank you for the interesting survey. 😉👍"
"It was fun!"