BORA Pure - Only the Best Ingredients for the Kitchen

The name says it all here.
With its purist, minimalist and at the same time modern design, BORA Pure has significantly influenced the style of an entire product segment. An extractor fan, centrally integrated into the compact cooktop system utilises a round inlet nozzle on the extractor fan which draws cooking fumes downwards effectively and quietly. Operation of the unit is also reduced to its absolute essentials. With a single, centrally positioned touch slider, both cooking zones and the extractor can be simultaneously controlled.

Bora - Pure

Detailed view of the red, segmented user interface of the BORA Pure with a black inlet nozzle.
Pure Client: Bora Disciplines: UXD - IFD - ID - ME
Gute Gestaltung Award
Good Design Award
IF Award
German Design Award


How can complex operating sequences and functions be displayed in a simple and intuitive control concept? Special challenge: For the solution to be developed, we had to take into account the operating and interaction structure of the BORA Classic 2.0, which is equipped with completely different technology and hardware.


We integrated a compact fume-extracting cupboard system into the cooktop in a space-saving and seamless manner.
With its understated design and reduction to a central control element, the BORA Pure is not just particularly user-friendly, but also extremely easy to clean; a factor which, if you ask any chef, is not to be underestimated. The "sControl" control system is positioned vertically on the cooktop. Its user interface is based on the functional principles of Classic 2.0 and thus meets preexisting corporate standards. Intuitive back and forth movement of the touch slider with the finger or direct tapping makes its operation an absolute pleasure.

In our internal usability lab, a test person is testing the BORA Pure user interface on a tablet. The test persons wears eye-tracking glasses.
In our internal usability lab, a test person, led by our colleague Veronika, tests the BORA Pure user interface on a tablet. The participant wears eye-tracking glasses.

All Prototypes Were Intensively Tested until They Were Ready for Series Production

Our colleague Tom tests the removability of the inlet nozzle of the BORA Pure using a prototype.
Our colleague Tom tests the insertion of the BORA Pure inlet nozzle using a prototype.

Individual colour accents
in the kitchen

With its clear lines, the system is a design highlight that fits elegantly into any modern kitchen architecture. BORA Pure also offers room for individual colour accents. The inlet nozzle of the cooktop extractor fan is, for example, not only available in black, but also in five other chic colours.

A BORA Pure with a black inlet nozzzle, which absorbs the steam from a boiling pan.
The BORA Pure hotplate with various pots, photographed from above.

The cooking zones and extractor fan are positioned so intelligently that cooking can be done simultaneously with four pots of up to 24 cm in size.