The black and white, bulgy 360 ° Panomera W8 video camera from Dallmeier with focus on the lower lens.

A Product Line with High Recognition Value

Ironically, the security and surveillance cameras of the Panomera product family are there to observe others. However, thanks to their distinctive and unmistakable design language, the cameras themselves have become highly-recognisable eye-catchers with value. The modular camera system is characterised by the ease of its implementation, whether in transportation, installation, cabling or commissioning. The newly developed Mountera Quicklock-System guarantees extreme flexibility and allows for universal application. Cameras and their mounts can now be installed much faster than competitors’ models and thus Panomera now set a new standard in terms of installation and set-up.

Panomera Client: Dallmeier Disciplines: ID - ME

Panomera - W8

The black and white, bulgy 360 ° Panomera W8 video camera from Dallmeier with a grooved surface.

Panomera - PTZ

The black and white 360 ​​° Panomera PTZ video camera with a grooved surface.

Panomera - S8

A white, angular Panomera S8 video camera from Dallmeier, in side view.
IF Award

The Ideal Combination of Quality and Flexibility

An illustration shows the flexibility of the components of the Panomera camera family.

A modular mounting system for every mounting situation

No matter whether on a pole, a wall or flush mounted, the smart mounting system Mountera can cope with any mounting situation, no matter how demanding. Different mounting modules can be flexibly combined with each other and thus allow the secure installation of the cameras for multiple surveillance scenarios.


How can different cameras with completely individual designs be combined with a large range of products?
The central challenge of the redesign was to develop a uniform, modular mounting system that was suitable for fast and flexible installation.


With only a few, but clear and consistently used design elements, we have given the new Panomera product family an unmistakable new face. The cameras blend discreetly, independently and confidently into their respective architectural environments.

Exemplary representation of a Panomera camera in original size, including packaging.

Easy Handling in Difficult Situations

Simple and fast handling is essential for a smooth installation at exposed locations such as exterior facades or masts. Hower, at around 15 kg, the Panomera cameras are not exactly light-weight. The cameras are therefore equipped with a comfortable and stable handle, making them easy to carry to an intended installation site. Thanks to the "one click" solution, the cameras are fixed to the Mountera mount in no time at all and for the mounting of all other components only one wrench is needed.

Highest Quality in all Components

The Panomera cameras contain 180 different components. As such, in order to ensure longevity and easy maintenance, we have attached great importance to the selection of materials and manufacturing processes employed.
ISO-certified manufacturing and testing procedures as well as ongoing quality controls guarantee the highest expectations of quality are comfortably met:

- Protection class IP66 (protection against penetration of water & dust)
- Load & destruction tests
- IK shock tests (impact resistance of housings)
- Vibratory plate (vibration tests)

A distributed drawing of the Dallmeier Panomera W8 shows the complexity and details of the mechanical engineering.

Camera Features with UX Factor

Using the example of the Dallmeier Panomera S8, details and backgrounds of the development of the product family are shown.

Shockproof mounting system:

The screw connection is not visible from the outside and the cables are only routed through the inside.

Cooling management:

The cooling fins ensure optimum cooling and blend in discreetly with the overall design.

Protection class IP66:

The cameras are effectively protected against water and dust, allowing operation
under adverse conditions.

High-quality materials:

The solid aluminium used for the housing, and high-quality silicone for the seals are just a few examples of our attention to detail in material selection.

Mountera Quicklock

The docking system with its integrated handle allows easy, fast and safe installation.

Heating & heat management:

A heatable module prevents damage due to condensation.

Flexible optical equipment:

The cover and lens are easily exchangeable.

Transparency in data acquisition:

The lens cover indicates when the cameras are recording images.

Air purge management:

An air purge cleans the lens from raindrops and other possible contaminants.