User Centered Design Process

Project Scope
Keydata Collection
User Research
Data Analysis
Use Case Definition
Design Concepts
Experience Prototype
User Testing

Design, Test, Deliver – Repeat

the Project

What do we want to achieve?
This is the question with which we begin our UXD process.
Working hand in hand, together we define the goals and scope of your project.
From its inception through until the project’s completion, our design approach is fully focussed on the delivery of an all-round positive user experience. In the interest of establishing an optimum design strategy, we synthesise the cumulative experience gained from previous products and developments with current technologies and contemporary design trends, supported by an in-depth market analysis of competing products.

Our colleague Sebastian with a research subject examining Welbilt kitchen appliances


We take a comprehensive look at the user.
Using scientific research methods to understand users and their needs, we identify recurring problems and generate new design solutions. We select the optimum individual mix of professional UX tools and methods appropriate to the respective project and its budget. Our mobile UX lab, including portable eye tracking devices and miniature cameras, is an integral part of our user research process. This enables us to inconspicuously observe users in their daily tasks and routines in the field, and in real-time. This provides us with revealing insights beyond those available in sterile test lab conditions, which we in turn incorporate into the process of our design.

Our colleague Alexander draws design concepts on paper, photographed from the top right


Our initial design concept comprises of several versions or variants which take into account all factors pertinent to your product and their respective relevance. These form the basis for a discussion, in which we cultivate an optimal solution together with you and your stakeholders. Our next step is to produce a design proposal which serves as the design’s DNA, which we use as a point of reference in all subsequent process phases until the crystallisation of the final design is complete.

Prototypes make our design proposals both tangible and easily accessible.


Whilst digital design proposals and 3D simulations are all well and good, for most people a product only comes to life once they have it in their hands, literally touching it. It is only then that they can begin to formulate a useful response to the new product. This is why the creation of UX prototypes is so important to us: they make our design drafts tangible and are therefore a central, essential component of our design process.
Implementing our professional, rapid prototyping tools, we can quickly provide initial prototypes during the early stages of development, so as to test their acceptability to their desired target group, enabling us to make correspondingly early, meaningful changes to the product design. This accelerates the design process and keeps development costs to a minimum.

Our colleague Veronika and our colleague Tom testing a prototype
Our colleague Daniel filling out a user test with eye tracking glasses


Whilst theory is one thing, practice is often another. Before we begin mass production on a product design, we employ comprehensive, exhaustive user testing. This allows us to uncover unforeseen problems and further optimise the usability of our UX design, until we have developed the solution which provides the perfect user experience. These tests take place in our in-house UX lab - wherein the test subjects are, of course, drawn from the appropriate demographic.
Here we can professionally record and evaluate the interactions of test subjects with our prototypes. Our tests are continuously improved and adapted, implementing both standard usability and specific UX-relevant procedures and methods, which we have developed in close cooperation with renowned business psychologists.


Once user testing is complete and the final UX design has been approved, we are still far from finished. We continue working side-by-side with you, providing support with our interdisciplinary competence during the start of production (SOP) and beyond. This can take various forms, wether it be as a parts supplier or a reliable partner in the field evaluation of the new product, so as to gain insights for further optimisation or a new version.

/Your Success
is our Goal

Whether it be industrial, interface and UX design or mechanical engineering,
regardless of subdivisions, our focus remains completely dedicated in every project phase to the development of a not only user-oriented, tailor-made design solution, but one which is easily marketable, inspires and satisfies your users.