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BORA Classic 2.0 hotplate with two pots. The steam is absorbed into a fume hood in the hob
Classic 2.0 Bora UXD - IFD - ID - ME


Close-up of a blue and white, digital user interface for the eco 200 adhesive dispenser from ViscoTec.
EcoControl ec200 Viscotec IFD - ID - ME

The Testing Application Pollux from Imago Design is operated by a woman on a smartphone.
Pollux UXD - IFD


The black and white, bulbous 360 ° Panomera W8 video camera from Dallmeier with a grooved surface.
Panomera Dallmeier ID - ME

Northrop Grumman

Close-up of a belt holder for the black Lipad leveler for Northrop Grumman.
LiPAD-100 Northrop Grumman ID - ME


Front view of the white STAT Diagcore liquid analyzer from Qiagen with a large touch display and four analysis modules.
Qiastat-DX Qiagen UXD - IFD - ID - ME


One hand operates the red control panel of the BORA Pure. A green inlet nozzle can be seen in the background.
Pure Bora UXD - IFD - ID - ME


The black and yellow RadMan radiation meter from Narda, photographed with a red light strip from diagonally above left.
Radman Narda ID - ME

Merck Millipore

White, two-part fresh water system Milli-Q photographed frontally by Merck Millipore.
Lab water Merck Millipore IFD - ID - ME


The black radiation measuring device SignalShark from Narda with a blue user interface diagonally from top right.
Signalshark Narda ID - ME - IFD


The white-pink oven Smart.Fire from Vita with a glowing lamp is to the left of its associated touchscreen with a light, flat UI.
Smartfire Vita ID - ME


Screenshots of the bluish user interface KitchenConnect from Welbilt for networking kitchen appliances in system catering.
Kitchen­Connect App Welbilt UXD - IFD