Winner of the UX Design Awards 2022

Bora XBO
The new flex oven

The BORA XBO is a real all-rounder - 4 in 1! A combination of extractor hood, steam cooker, oven and "dishwasher" (integrated cleaning functions) in one device. The X BO is a professional device for the household sector. The combination of high-performance technology, uncompromising premium design and intuitive operation ensures pure cooking pleasure.

Bora - X BO

Bora XBO photographed from the front with the oven open and the lighting switched on. There is a cooked dish in the oven
X BO Client: Bora Disciplines: UXD - IFD - ID

The task

With the XBO flexible oven, BORA is conquering a completely new product category. The very clear and stringent design DNA of the hobs is to be continued in this completely different product. A new way of cooking requires a new way of interaction! A complex professional technology should be easy and intuitive to use for everyone. The focus is on cooking and the XBO assists and supports without taking the cook out of the hand. Targeted infotainment, nothing too much but never too little either. The XBO should radiate the professionalism of a work device but at the same time have a new lightness, simplicity and convenience in operation.

The solution

Reduce to the max!
No handle, no button, no dial. Instead, a flawless black glass front hides a large touch display. The door is opened automatically by a touch event - but: the steam is evacuated beforehand. The 19-inch full graphic touch display shows all important functions at a glance and enables intuitive operation. Reduced and clear design language.

A screenshot of the Bora XBO interface, you can see the main menu with various icons as menu items, e.g. Automatic and manual cooking

X BO - the new ease of cooking

One of the icons of the XBO by Bora visualizes manual cooking and shows a hand with an outstretched index finger performing an action

Easy handling

The chosen design language impresses with a minimalist “look and feel” and at the same time has playful elements in its repertoire. So XBO chefs can rely on that concentrate on what is important to you: cooking

Play Youtube video

Youtube is an online video portal. We use it to provide videos to you.

Functional, independent and fresh!

In addition to developing a unique iconography, a sound DNA and a design system, we have created an illustration and animation style that supports users at critical points or simply surprises and delights them.

The perfect addition - everything fits together

The BORA multi-drawer can handle everything that is needed to heat food and dishes - and a lot more. The multi-drawer is the perfect addition to the oven and can be controlled either directly on the device or via the X BO's display. In combination with a BORA X BO steam oven and its numerous setting options, the scope for action is expanded many times over.

The Bora warming drawer when open. There is a warm dish in the drawer.

Because we work in a user-centered manner

An insight into the research report by Imago Design that was carried out for the XBO by Bora. A sample was accompanied while cooking in his kitchen and interviewed

Careful user research and user studies

Through iterative tests with prototypes during the entire development process, we achieve maximum ease of use and avoidance of errors when using the device. A clear and unambiguous recognizability of visual elements was checked in the test series as well as the execution of more complex tasks without having read an instruction manual beforehand.

Our attention to detail.

A man operates the Bora XBO with the interface folded out. The interface shows the manual setting mode.

Less is more!

We wanted to focus on cooking. Functional, clear and aesthetic - like a Japanese chef's knife. Every little detail was developed and designed with passion in terms of functionality, manufacture, ergonomics and design.

The XBO by Bora is described in terms of the built-in components.

Highest Quality

A monolithic appearance, high-quality glass surfaces and a 19 “superwide touch display make the steam oven a visual highlight.


Handleless, flush and calm.


Thanks to the black panel effect on the display and the oven door, the oven is only brought to life when it is operated and operated.