A Picture, It Is Said, Is Worth a Thousand Words... But Who Wants to Read Them?

User Experience / Interface Design

  • Alexander Wiethoff
  • Arno Grabolle
  • Bastian Renner
  • Jonas Nerlich
  • Sebastian Haustein
  • Svenja Dittrich
  • Veronika Thalhammer
Our colleagues Jonas, Alexander and Alex are drinking sparkling wine in a bar.
Our colleagues on a boat tour: Veronika and Miriam are sitting and laughing at the camera, Micky sits behind them with his backs to the camera and Alexander looks meaningfully into the distance.
our colleague Bastian is happy about the piece of cake in front of him during the Imago hiking day.

Industrial Design / Mechanical Engineering

  • Camillo König
  • Michael Kohlbecher
  • Evgeny Orkin
  • Florian Künzel
  • Thomas Buhl
  • Catharina Arend

Mixed Disciplines

  • Alexander Sorg
  • Niklas Hirsch
  • Stefan Thalhammer
  • Daniel Meyer
  • Miriam Mugler
  • Ferdinand Hof
A collection of images from various events at which the imagos had met. Hiking, award ceremonies, celebrations, home visits, everyday office life, long-distance travel etc.