Milli-Q® IQ 7000 - A Water Gun of Scientific Precision

Whether for pharmaceutical, clinical, academic or industrial applications, only ultrapure water can provide reliable results in scientific laboratories. For this requirement, the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 water treatment system from Merck Millipore sets a new standard of convenience and precision for daily work.

Merck Millipore - Lab water

The Milli-Q fresh water system, consisting of two components in white-blue, photographed from the front view.
Lab water Client: Merck Millipore Disciplines: IFD - ID - ME


To further consolidate its exceptional position as the world market leader for laboratory water and water treatment systems, the need for a new product family to be based on the flagship of the product portfolio was established.


For a space-saving solution that keeps workplaces as clean and tidy as possible, the water treatment system was reduced to a single central filtration unit, to which four HMI-equipped dispenser units can be connected. This slim, compact system has a hybrid user interface consisting of a touch screen and a physical wheel.
This is, however, in no way a reference to long gone laboratory times, but, in itself, pure UX.
Depending on how and where the water dispenser is used, the dispensing functions can be controlled either through a touch of the screen, or a turn of the wheel. The organic combination of straight lines and dynamic curves is an expression of absolute precision in tailor-made industrial design with the system’s appearance designed to both demonstrate technological perfection and remain as user-friendly as possible.

Four Milli-Q fresh water systems arranged in a circular manner in a laboratory.
A look into the Milli-Q fresh water system from Merck shows two cartridges that can be inserted into a housing.

Magnetic Attachment - Held as if by Magic

The dispenser unit’s gun is designed to make its easy removal and reengagement as effortless as possible by utilising a magnetic fixing to ensure maximum flexibility in daily use. In our commitment to finding an appropriate neodymium magnet for the optimal mount, intensive prototyping with 3D printing and iterative testing was conducted to ensure we found the perfect fit.

UX-optimized - Looking deeper

Good design is not only visible on the surface of a product. To keep the water treatment system as clean as possible, we have also invested a lot of energy into the design of its interior. The result is impressive: A screw-less housing combines with hydraulic and electric cables which are routed through a common hose that can be positioned flexibly. The disorder common in many laboratories being thus greatly reduced, this ensures that the scientists can devote themselves entirely to what they do best: their research.

The detailed view of the cabling gives an insight into the complexity of mechanical engineering.
In a laboratory is placed a Milli-Q fresh water system which lets fresh water drip into a large glass container.