The measuring device LiPAD®-100 by LITEF is held with one hand, from above, into the picture.

The Beauty of Measuring

The LiPAD®-100 demonstrates a synthesis between aerospace technology and civil engineering. This small, handy device incorporates high-tech instruments such as fibre-optic gyroscopes and MEMS-based accelerometers and is used for taking alignment and condition monitoring measurements requiring the highest degree of precision. For example, checking dams during bridge construction, working underground or in other GPS restricted environments.

LITEF - LiPAD®-100

Front view of the black measuring device LiPAD®-100 by LITEF photographed in the front view.
LiPAD®-100 Client: LITEF Disciplines: ID - ME


How can sensitive core technology be transformed into a product that can withstand the extremely high physical stresses of large construction sites? Can such seemingly contradictory properties as precision and robustness be combined in one device?


Tougher than competing models, the construction of the LiPAD®-100 ensures that, unlike similar devices, it does not have to be handled like a fragile, uncooked egg. It has been equipped with rubber buffers, waterproof seals and a stable handle, so that an unintentional fall on hard ground, exposure to rain showers or being dropped into a puddle cannot harm the device. Stable operation, even under the toughest of conditions, is therefore guaranteed and when it comes to design, the LiPAD®-100 strikes the perfect balance between rough machine tools and delicate precision instruments.

Battery and Connectivity

Because things have to be done quickly on construction sites, the battery can be easily removed with a single trigger. Device control and data display are performed conveniently via a specially developed Android app and via Bluetooth, the LiPAD®-100 transmits all data wirelessly in an instant.

Clever Design, all Around

We have even taught the LiPAD®-100 do to what we like to think of as a kind of yoga; protecting the precisely anodized aluminum base plate from damage if the device ever needs to be placed on an uneven surface.

The measuring device LiPAD®-100 by LITEF vertical, photographed from the side.