View of the HAT500 product family by Osypka

HF generator, flushing pump and remote control

The new HAT 500® system is used for the ablation of tachyarrhythmia. In combination with an irrigation pump and remote control, the HF generator is an ideal companion to all ablation procedures in the cardiological field.


Focus on the tablet user interface of the HAT500 by Osypka
HAT 500 Client: OSYPKA Disciplines: UXD - IFD - ID - ME

The task

The development of a split system with different levels of interaction that can be flexibly integrated into different clinical processes.

The solution

The ablation system was developed in close cooperation with experienced clinical professionals from the field of electrophysiology. It therefore allows safe and intuitive operation without a the need for a long training period.

Detailed view of the user interface of the HAT500 product family by Osypka

Clear Language Through Visibility at a Distance

A high-resolution touchscreen with clear colors and permanent graphic and numerical representation of all relevant ablation parameters enables clear and intuitive operation with a long-distance effect. The device also impresses with the color displays on the connector sockets and its easy-to-understand menu navigation.

Overview of the user interface of the HAT500 product family by Osypka in dark design.