The white and pink Vita Smart.Fire with a glowing lamp is on the left of its corresponding touchscreen with a light, flat UI.

Comfortable Operation Meets Compact Design

VITA SMART.FIRE is a laboratory burner unit especially developed for the dental industry, employed for crystallisation, lustre, staining and necessary heating of all common chair-side materials. The system consists of the actual burner unit and a control unit with touch screen display and graphical user interface. The data is transmitted wirelessly, allowing the two components to be positioned flexibly and also set up separately. Thanks to its compact construction and strictly geometrical design, the burner unit fits into the environment of almost any dental practice in a space-saving and harmonious way. Reliable suitability for long-life burning technology and a robust housing with sealed surfaces complete the system.

Vita - Smartfire

The all over view shows the closed Vita Smart.Fire.
Smartfire Client: Vita Disciplines: ID - ME

Satisfaction through Intuitive operation

VITA SMART.FIRE is characterised by its intuitive operation. The selection of Material and program initiation take place in a single step. Ideally matched programs for all common chair-side materials are already pre-installed whilst the menu navigation is clearly arranged and allows interface via a series of self-explanatory program symbols.

A close up of the bright pink UI showing parameters of the heating process

A status display visible from any angle

We have equipped the burning unit with an LED ring on the top of the device. This not only lends it a colourful accent, but also serves as a 360° status display. This ensures that the dentist or assisting staff can always have a good view of the burning process, even from a distance.

A close up of the oven shows details of the Industrial Design of the Vita Smartfire