Detailed view of the eco 200 from ViscoTec shows the user interface of the device.

Intuitive Control for a High-Precision Dispensing System

The name ViscoTec exemplifies the very highest standard of reliable, high-precision dispensing technology. Its two-component dispenser system has been successfully used for years in industrial applications in not only aerospace, e-mobility, electronics and medical technology, but also in biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.

Viscotec - EcoControl ec200

A section of the icon development for the ViscoTec eco 200 shows that the focus was on the design language.
EcoControl ec200 Client: Viscotec Disciplines: IFD - ID - ME


To make the 2K-dispenser even easier to operate, it needed to be equipped with a graphical touch display. However, the existing technical components were to remain unchanged and the solution had to be as flexible as possible in terms of assembly and also cost-effective.


It occurred to us very early on, that if we placed the control technology for the dispensing system in a separate housing, this would facilitate maximum flexibility. The robust and inexpensive extruded aluminium profile offers sufficient protection for the integrated display. Thanks to its modular mounting system, the control unit can be mounted directly on the wall or on a wall bracket whilst leaving table installation also still possible.

A distributed picture of the ViscoTec ec 200 interface shows the individual components of the UI design

Icon-Based User Guidance

In order to drastically reduce the possibility of operating errors, we developed an intuitive control concept based on icons. The easily understandable iconography allows training phases to be reduced to a minimum. Additionally, the high-contrast display is designed to be environmentally sensitive and offers optimum legibility in a wide range of set-up and lighting situations.

The ViscoTec eco 200 is mounted on a wall and shows the main screen of the user interface

A mounting System that Provides Maximum Flexibility.

The well-designed user manual of the ViscoTec eco 200 lies open, photographed from above.